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BriteSmile: Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Cosemtic Dentist in Fourways

Longpoint Medical Centre have cosmetic dentists who can help to whiten your teeth in only just one-hour. This is using both the in-chair procedure and DIY take home BriteSmile teeth whitening products.

Tooth whitening dentistry is a safe, simple dental procedure done by one of our professional dentists. The BriteSmile teeth whitening procedure which we use is a safe cosmetic dentistry procedure, using state of the art technology that produces cosmetic smile results.

The following figures reflect the good results of the cosmetic teeth whitening procedure used at Longpoint Medical Centre. Over 98% of BriteSmile patients are satisfied with their dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening Fourways

In just a little over an hour, your teeth are whitened by more than 9 shades (on average 9.3). BriteSmile is an economical professional teeth whitening procedure for both local South Africans and foreign tourists on holiday or business in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa looking.

BriteSmile is an international cosmetic dental company with having BriteSmile teeth whitening procedure costing less in South Africa than anywhere else in the world. This makes it most affordable for South Africans and foreigners visiting South Africa to have their teeth whitened.

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White Teeth

* Please note that prices will change the beginning of every year and may change during the year.

So you want to know what it costs to have your teeth whitened within 1 hour by one of our dentists. Well the BriteSmile Teeth Whitening complete cost as of Jan 2013 is: R4500.00

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If you still want some more information then why not read this wikipedia article on tooth bleaching some of the celebrities testimonials from those famous people who have had the dentist provided only professional results teeth whitening procedure using BriteSmile.